A Complete Guide to Wellness

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“Health” and “wellness” are two words that I would often see before I started my own self-care and self-growth journey. I became increasingly interested in wellness once I learned that it is about developing your entire self. Wellness as a concept can be confusing to many and thankfully there is a wealth of information on what it is and how to implement it into your daily life.

What is wellness?

According to the World Health Organization, wellness refers to a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. You can create the life that you have always wanted to live by critically evaluating your answers to key questions within the eight dimensions.


Emotional Wellness:

How do I view life?

Am I capable of handling day-to-day events?


Environmental Wellness: 

Do I feel safe in my environment?

Is my immediate environment free of pollution, litter, waste, etc.?


Financial Wellness :

Do I feel financially secure?

Am I taking steps toward managing my finances more responsibly?


Intellectual Wellness: 

How do I use my knowledge and skills?

Am I challenging myself to learn as often as possible?


Occupational Wellness: 

Am I able to balance work and leisure time?

Am I satisfied with my choice of work?


Social Wellness:

Do I have a healthy support network?

Do I feel a sense of connectedness and belonging?


Spiritual Wellness: 

What are my values and beliefs?

Am I capable of achieving inner peace?


Physical Wellness:

Do I engage in any type of physical activity?

Do I consume a healthy diet and get an adequate amount of sleep?


Visit this link to learn more about wellness and make plans to celebrate Global Wellness Day on June 8th!


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