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One of the things that I really enjoy doing is attending uplifting events and meeting like-minded people. So, a few weeks ago I decided to see if I could find anything that aligned with my interests. Lo and behold, I found an event that specifically caters to women who are manifesting their greatest desires and going after their dreams!

The WE (Women’s Empowerment) Workshop “Love is Life” series, founded by Nealette Douglas, is a women’s empowerment workshop that highlights women who are creating new paths for young entrepreneurs, moms, and teens. This year, the WEWorkshop featured three keynote speakers who are all successful business owners:

Sara Cline

Sara is a fashion designer who specializes in accessories and handbags. Sara’s first handbag design put her on the map, and she was featured in Elle, Vogue, and Cosmo Magazine. She has been in the business for six years and created a brand called Milanblocks. Sara’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to start on social media because it allows for easy exposure. Sara sent a very specific message out into the universe as she stated, “This is the first job I’ve ever loved, and it will be my last job” and she has not looked back since.

Christina Meade

Christina runs a local non-profit organization called Nerdy Girl Success. This non-profit educates teen girls about business and political leadership. Christina’s mission is to change the way society views what it means to be a woman. She believes that if you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Therefore, in an effort to create something new and effective, Christina found that it was important to let girls know what is possible and available to them. Christina’s advice is to “find the one thing that is the only thing you can think about” and take concrete steps toward your dreams.

Stacy Babineaux

Stacy is an author and an image consultant. It is important, Stacy believes, for people to pay attention to what you are saying and not what you are wearing. She believes in not changing her clients’ image but enhancing it. Stacy’s book, which took two years to be published, is called Fulfill the Vision: Keys to Unlocking your Full Potential. This book about finding yourself and realizing that whatever you need is already within you. Stacy’s advice to women is to “be joyful in your glow because your glow is joyful.”

About the Founder:

Nealette Monique, Creator of WEWorkShop & The Dish Houston, discovered her love for a photographic/journalistic approach to media when she began taking pictures of families and newborns through nationally recognized companies in 2007. She is a published photographer, model and heavily involved in the Art community in Houston. A Creative Curator and Brand Consultant to Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations, Nealette selflessly enjoys volunteering her time, talents and knowledge for various organizations in the U.S. such as The Source for Women, Houston Area Women’s Center, The Art Alliance, Fresh Arts and The Art Institute of Houston. She is currently Brand Strategy and Content Manager at Social Graces Social Club, Brand Ambassador for The Graces Clothing and Milanblocks. Visit her blog here.

Nealette Douglas and Stacy Babineaux

This event exposed me to wonderful and inspiring women. When manifesting your dreams, it is important to create a tribe of dreamers who will encourage you when you need it the most. Thank you to Nealette and everyone who was involved in this year’s WEWorkshop!

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