A Guide to Mastering Self-Care

As fully-functioning adults, it can be hard to take care of ourselves. Between tending our responsibilities, obligations, and goals, finding the time to nurture ourselves may not be high on our priority lists.


What is Self-Care?

Self-care has turned into a major movement over the past few years as our society shifts toward becoming more conscious of our health– both physically and mentally. Because of this, self-care is being incorporated into various spaces.

Self-care involves creating rituals that allow you to function at your most optimal condition. It involves taking deliberate actions.

Self-care is one aspect of self-love and is key to living a balanced life. When you care for yourself, you honor yourself. When you honor yourself, you raise your vibration. A high vibration is vital to creating the life of your dreams.


Factors That Influence Lack of Self-Care

Many of us live in societies that prize the grind as opposed to our well-being. We learn to sacrifice ourselves for the possibility of something more. On top of that, we may have friends or family members who influence how we see ourselves.


Self-Care Ideas

So…how do you get started? Here are a few self-care ideas:

  • Get enough rest

Doctors recommend that we get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep isn’t something that only lazy people do, it has many benefits including increased immunity and supports healing.


  • Aromatherapy


  • Enjoy a bubble bath


  • Spend some time outdoors


  • Get a massage


  • Dance


5- Minute Method

Let’s say that there is absolutely no way for you to find ways to care for yourself.


In the end, it is important to figure out what works best for you as your self-care ritual does not have to look like anyone else’s. Whether caring for yourself involves playing video games, eating ice cream, running a few miles a day, or doing absolutely nothing at all…as long as you do what resonates with you, you are honoring your most authentic self.


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