Mindfulness and Manifestation

I have incorporated two important tools into my life for the past few years in an effort to create an abundant life. One of the tools is mindfulness and the other is manifestation.

Mindfulness involves learning how to live in the present moment and being conscious of your thoughts and manifestation involves envisioning your ideal future until it becomes true.

I am now, though, facing a conundrum. How am I supposed to live in the present and envision a better future at the same time?

Well, I did a little research.

Apparently practicing mindfulness helps with manifestation. You see, the only moment that we truly have is the present. In order to manifest a wonderful future, it helps to be mindful about our present thoughts. Our thoughts create our future and therefore it is imperative to release negative thoughts.

The more mindful you are, the better you can manifest!

Credit: Unsplash


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