Obsessed! Youtube Channel Edition

Today’s post is about my latest YouTube channel obsession!

Now in order to understand why this is important, you must understand that I spend plenty of time on the Internet. I spend a continuous, infinitely embarrassing amount of time online… but I learn so much! I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge base and add to my scope of all things fashion, feminism, history, art, etc. ┬áHence, my discovery of this particular YouTube channel!

I was catching up with one of my online magazines when I saw an article about thrift shopping with Chrisette Michele. Now, if you don’t know about her (I didn’t know much about her besides a few of the songs she sang and her wonderful voice), she is a soulful R&B singer known for her more popular song, “Better.”

Ms. Michele’s channel is not only filled with her raw talent, but it is also filled with her love for fashion, thrift shopping, and vegan lifestyle.

Her confident and refreshing spirit captivates me. It appears as though she has a certain command on life. She seems like a great person to talk to and an even better person to call a friend.

Here are a few of her videos that blow me away, but I highly recommend that you go to her channel to check out the rest of her stuff!!


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