Pour Into Yourself

Last year was an incredibly healing year for me. I dedicated myself to uprooting and healing deep wounds and the payoff has been tremendous. This year, however, is all about pouring into myself. As I… View Post

How to Master Self-Care

Self-care has turned into a major movement over the past few years as our society shifts toward becoming more conscious of our health– both physically and mentally. Because of this, self-care is being incorporated into… View Post

The Power of Crystals: A Guide to Healing

As previously mentioned, there are various tools that you can use to raise your vibration. Crystals are an essential tool to have on your manifestation journey. In addition to raising your vibration, crystals are powerful… View Post

Introducing Andrea Lewis

Currently, one my favorite YouTubers is Andrea Lewis. You might recognize her from Degrassi  or Cadet Kelly! Andrea, a self-proclaimed creative, is a Toronto native who started acting when she was a child. She writes and… View Post