The Importance of Not Looking Outside of Yourself

I have quite a few goals that I want to accomplish and dreams I want to pursue. However, lately, I have been running into a few roadblocks. Through guidance and prayer, I eventually realized that I had to shift my perspective and do some inner work.

You see, the important lesson that I needed to learn was: everything I want or need is already inside of me.

Although my goals and dreams are valid, I had been hoping to solve a problem or fill something that I felt was lacking by reaching outside of myself.

This method would only ever work to temporarily alleviate my perceived problem because the main issue stemmed from me believing that I did not already have what I need.

In order to achieve the life you desire, it is important to:

1. Take a step back to see what your soul truly desires.
2. Realize that you already have it.
3. Let go and trust the process.

Credit: Unsplash


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